Microsoft Azure

Azure makes it easier to extend your existing applications to the cloud quickly offering the capability to manage unexpected and sudden loads. Microsoft Azure provides an enterprise-level highly effective and robust cloud platform that meets present day enterprise application demands. NWCS can build new business-critical applications with the help of Microsoft Azure that are basically designed for the cloud.  Windows Azure delivers an affluent platform for deploying through SaaS and other IT applications on the cloud.

You can explore the Cloud with full assurance and harness its advantages to the fullest with NWCS Microsoft Azure Application Development Services. Our Azure engineers and consultants have the necessary expertise and skills in developing, migrating, deploying, and running applications on the cloud.

We at NWCS, offer our customers the freedom of selecting the engagement model that best fits the business need of customers. You can hire our Azure developers and consultant on-site or offshore based on your requirements. NWCS provide you high quality and reliable solutions for your every enterprise need.

NWCS brings you the benefit of its profound expertise in handling multiple application development and deployment on Azure cloud. With our experience in Azure, our consultant and engineers have brought numerous enterprises the advantages of application development on Azure.

Our Microsoft Azure services include:

  • MS Azure Development Services integrated with existing solutions
  • MS Azure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • MS Azure Migration Services
  • MS Azure Managed Services
  • MS Azure Enterprise Mobility Services
  • Window Azure Storage
  • MS Azure Cloud Automation
  • MS Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery Services
  • MS Azure Application Migration Services for ISVs
  • Windows Azure AppFabric
  • SQL Azure
  • MS Office 365 Services

Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure allows you to build, deploy and manage applications easily and instantly across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres. It supports multiple technologies and languages, create websites, deploy codes and content into the website.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform that provides on-demand and real-time performance for enterprises which is resilient to hardware failures. With the help of Microsoft Azure, you can manage your business anytime, anywhere with the world’s most popular and trusted and cloud computing platform –Azure—that saves money, moves faster, and integrates on premises data and applications. That’s the only reason about 57% of Fortune 500 enterprises use Azure to stay ahead of their rivals and so that they can control their business processes 24/7 with more confidence and efficiency.

Significant Benefits of Microsoft Azure Service:-

  • On demand resources.
  • Critical business infrastructure is always up and on.
  • Easy migration of legacy applications.
  • Launch websites quickly.
  • Features and services are easily accessible.
  • Servers and virtual machines with practically unlimited storage.

Microsoft Azure offers completely functional virtual space in the cloud so that businesses can have multipurpose or versatile solutions without relinquishing functionality and productivity. Windows Azure can effectively be used to:

  • Cloud Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Data Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Identity
  • Messaging
  • Media Services
  • Virtual Machines
  • Websites
  • Creating, distributing and managing media
  • Extend existing enterprise applications
  • Providing a platform for massive amounts of data

Apart from the above list of services, NWCS also provides maintenance and on-going support services to enterprises across the globe.

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