Network Services

Many enterprises are challenged with enabling their associates to be fruitful by offering access to company assets in a safe and secure way across numerous devices in and out of the office. Employees expect the same experience level regardless of location, device or applications, and it is the expectation that numerous enterprises are challenged to meet. NWCS provides abundant solutions that enable enterprises to access company assets in a secure way – no matter which type of locations, device, or applications.

Routing and Switching

Most enterprises are challenged with building a secure and robust switching and routing architecture that enables their users to collaborate, communicate, and be productive all while being easy to manage and use. For almost thirty-years, NWCS has offered its customers with best of breed solutions that allows users to employ a secure and robust network infrastructure that is quite easy to secure and manage. NWCS partners with industry top providers including Cisco, Aruba Networks, and Extreme Networks to provide value-added and innovative solutions to our customers.

Application Delivery Acceleration

While a number of enterprises have launched third party and internal applications through a range of delivery techniques, users demand a seamless experience. The challenge for most enterprises is to deliver a reliable application performance in spite of the deployment model including surges in traffic usage. NWCS has the talent and experience required to address this vital requirement with a mixture of options including global and local load balancing; managing, creating, and delivering layer 7 services more promptly and at a lesser cost; optimizing and controlling end-user services by prioritizing and differentiating application traffic. NWCS is delighted to provide solutions from partners such as Riverbed and Check Point to support application delivery acceleration.

Web Content Filtering

Growing numbers of enterprises are implementing further methods to guarantee work related traffic does not harmfully influence their business or their client’s business. NWCS has the exclusive ability to offer a variety of solutions that are intended to protect organizations and users by offering comprehensive control and protection over web traffic. It’s achieved by enabling the subsequent functions: web filtering; strong user authentication; deep inspection of content for threats and data loss; inspection and validation of SSL traffic; streaming media splitting and caching; security checks to a collaborative defense network, bandwidth management; content caching and traffic optimization; and method level controls per protocol. NWCS’s offering comprises solutions from several industry top providers including Blue Coat and Check Point.

Network Access Controls

The major unanswered question of an enterprise is precisely how big is their network? This easy, yet challenging to answer question is essential in order to offer the suitable controls and visibility and that every enterprise needs. This offers automated security control solutions for all sized organizations. With NWCS, any kind of enterprise can improve the level of connectivity and productivity by enabling people to access corporate network resources without compromising security. NWCS solutions provide a sound platform for mobile security, network access control. NWCS provides solutions from numerous partners including ForeScout, Aruba Networks, and Extreme Networks.

DNS/DHCP Management

Numerous IT enterprises have replaced physical communications with virtual machines. Virtualization has enlarged network capability and lowered costs, and distorted the playing field for numerous enterprises forced by limited budgets for staff and equipment. Virtualization has also made manual practices nearly unattainable to use for managing continuous changes to DNS records and IP addresses. Automated network control solutions take full benefit of this new technology, and provision virtual devices with lightning speed. NWCS leverages Infoblox solutions that automate the mapping, assigning, and configuring of IP addresses, and are firmly incorporated with VMware.

NWCS also provide services such as:-

  • Wireless Access
  • Remote Identity Access Management
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Mitigation Solutions
  • Email Security
  • Routing and Switching
  • Application Delivery Acceleration

Content Filtering

  • Network Access Controls
  • DNS/DHCP Management
  • Wireless Access
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