.Net Development

The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s programming model for building applications that will run on Web servers, Windows clients, and mobile or embedded devices. Developers use the.NET platform to build applications of every size and scope: server applications, Web applications, console applications, smart client applications, database applications, and more.

.NET Framework breaks the limitation of working in one technology, allowing software analysts, architects, and developers utilize the methods and tools each is comfortable with. This allows for the most scalable and functional methods during the application development process, allowing our teams to deliver the highest levels of productivity in the shortest amount of time.

Our experts utilize the advantages of .NET Framework with other sources of data, systems, applications, and programming languages to select development means that are most suitable for the client’s requirements. We devote our effort and time to thorough investigation of the client’s business needs and leverage our .NET programming proficiency to enable error-free, rapid application development.

Our .NET specialists have great experience and expertise in software programming using numerous Microsoft development environments (C#, VB.NET, WinForms, ASP.NET and others). We utilize experienced software development professionals who are ready to devote their knowledge and ideas to the development of the applications that we offer to our clients.

Our .NET Development Services

  • .NET web based development
  • Migration of both web applications and desktop to .NET platform
  • .NET custom software development
  • .NET application enhancement and support
  • Provide Mobile application development 
  • .NET application development consulting
  • Advanced Web Application Development
  • Mission-Critical Business Processes
  • Reliable, Secured Web Services
  • Multi-Language Development 
  • Provide Data Access Options & Management tools
  • .NET Maintenance Services
  • .NET Mobile application development
  • Application Migration Services
  • MS Office Share Point Development
  • SaaS Application development
  • .NET Windows application development
  • Custom .NET applications
  • CRM Customizations

Microsoft .NET is an innovative technology which allows programmers to create dynamic windows applications & web applications. NWCS provides services such as Web Application development (ASP .NET), Windows application development (C#, NET, VB.NET) etc.

The .NET Framework is used to develop next generation applications and XML Web services. NWCS provides solution for common programming issues and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written exclusively for the framework.

NWCS is an ideal for software and business solution development which is a Microsoft Certified Partner and specialized in developing cloud solutions, Microsoft tailored business applications, and interactive websites that use rich internet applications. NWCS has widespread expertise and experience working on MVC 3.0 with ASP.NET 4.0 framework. Our highly proficient team has expertise on designing and developing WCF services.

At NWCS, we offer end-to-end software solutions in a variety of domains, including Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare &, Transportation & Logistics, Energy Management, insurance, finance, IT, retail and others. Our determination to serve you the best when combined with our experience and expertise enables us to deliver the desired results.

Why Choose NWCS:

  • Reliability
  • High productivity
  • High level security
  • High flexibility
  • Ease in Configuration
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less time

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